New Waste Service

As you prepare to occupy your newly-built home or development, you will need to organise a waste service for the property.

An Occupation Certificate must be lodged with Wollongong City Council before bins will be issued for the new property. Approval of a waste service does not imply approval to occupy the dwelling. An Occupation Certificate must be issued before you may occupy the dwelling - contact Wollongong City Council for further information.

Bins cannot be delivered to a vacant property.

Your recycling and waste service consists of three bins:

  • Recycling 240 Litre Bin (Yellow Lid)
  • Organics 240 Litre Bin (Green Lid)
  • Residual Waste 80 Litre, 120 Litre or 240 Litre Bin (Red Lid)

Wollongong City Council offers a choice of an 80 litre, a 120 litre or 240 litre Residual Waste Bin to suit the needs of the resident. For applicable fees click Wollongong City Council Waste & Recycling Fees & Charges 2019-2020

To organise a waste service online in the Wollongong Local Government Area (LGA) the owner or managing agent of the property can click here or contact the Harbour Cities team.

  • Recycle 240 Litre Bin
  • Organics 240 Litre Bin
  • Residual Waste 80 Litre, 120 Litre & 240 Litre Bins

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Cease Waste Services

Rebuilding a home? In the event your property is demolished or becomes uninhabitable you may choose to cease your waste service for a period of time. To arrange this, contact the Harbour Cities team on 1300 362 360.