On-Call Household Cleanup Service

Wollongong City Council provides residents with an On-Call Household Cleanup Service. Residents must book a service prior to placing items on the kerbside and premises are entitled to two (2) collections each financial year.

Mattresses, tyres, metal and e-waste are collected for recycling and must be placed in a separate pile. All other items are sent to landfill – nothing is recovered. Please consider donating or selling items whenever possible.

In peak times there may be some delay and the next available collection date could be up to four (4) weeks. Please note certain dates may not present for valid Cleanup booking selection. This is due to maximum demand being reached for that day in your collection area. To ensure you don't miss out, book in advance as there are limited bookings available. 

Unused Cleanup allocations can NOT be transferred to the next financial year and booked Cleanups cannot be cancelled.

If you live in a Multi-Unit Complex

Residents living in a multi-unit complex (townhouses, villas, units etc.) with nine (9) or more units will need to contact their managing body (Body Corporate, Strata Manager or Department of Housing NSW Officer) to organise a Cleanup for their complex. The unit complex shall be entitled up to the maximum volumetric collection capacity each financial year - 2 x 2m3 (two cubic metres per unit) which equates to 4m3 (four cubic metres per unit).

For any logistical issues, please contact REMONDIS Harbour Cities direct on 1300 362 360 before completing your booking. Once the Cleanup has been confirmed by REMONDIS Harbour Cities, the managing body will need to notify residents of the collection date.

If there are eight (8) units or less in your complex you can book a collection service directly with the REMONDIS Harbour Cities Team.

Managing Bodies will need to complete the booking form and send directly to REMONDIS Harbour Cities Team.
To download the multi-unit booking form please Click here

To print an On-Call Household Cleanup Service guide click here.

On-Call Household Cleanup rules

To ensure your Cleanup materials are collected

  • You must book your On-Call Household Cleanup before placing your items out for collection
  • Once booked, place items out by 6:00 a.m. on your scheduled collection day, but no more than 24 hours before. Note: If illegal dumping occurs at your property due to early presentation of Cleanup material, you will be responsible for the removal of all materials
  • Small Items to be placed in unwanted boxes or bags (left open for visual inspection by Remondis Harbour Cities Collection Team)
  • Cleanup Recycling items to be neatly placed in a separate pile next to your Cleanup waste items. These items are in addition to the two cubic metres (2m3) allowance but do have restrictions. Refer below for further details.
  • Place items out the front of your own property at your normal collection point for your bins
  • Place all items neatly, off the road and footpaths
  • Do not place more than two cubic metres (2m3) of waste out for collection, which is approximately one small box trailer load (2m wide x 1m height x1m deep)
  • Do not place items out more than 24 hours before the scheduled collection date. Fines may apply
  • Do not place items out that are unsuitable for collection. They will not be collected. Fines may apply. Check your Cleanup Ruler in your waste pack for what you can and cannot place out for collection.
  • Do not place any liquid items out for collection (including flammable or non-flammable)
  • Do not place Items that exceed two metres (2m) in length and items must be light enough to be reasonably moved by two (2) people
  • Do not place items out after the collection has taken place. We will not return
  • Booked Cleanups cannot be cancelled

Important: Ensure there is at least 1 metre of space between your Household Cleanup items and your Bins placed out for collection and there are no cars, trees, power lines or obstacles blocking access to your collection items.

Cleanup materials must be

  • Bagged or boxed (left open for visual inspection by Remondis Harbour Cities Collection Team)
  • Placed between gutter and footpath in front of your premises, but not obstructing pedestrian access
  • Placed neatly to ensure the Harbour Cities Waste team can safely access and handle your items
  • Placed securely so they won’t fall or blow onto the roadway or footpath.

To book your Cleanup click here