Organics Collection Service

Your Green Lid Bin is for Organics only. This bin is collected fortnightly, on the opposite week to your Recycling Bins.

The vehicle lifting capacity is a maximum of 80kg and any bin exceeding that limit cannot be emptied. Residents who have excessive organic material should consider home composting, worm farming or an additional Organics Bin.

What you CAN place in your Organics Bin:

  • Grass Clippings & Leaves
  • Flowers & Weeds
  • Prunings & Twigs (inside the bin, lid closed)
  • Untreated Timber (Max. 10cm diameter & 30cm length)
  • Plants & Small Shrubs
  • Small Branches (Max. 10cm diameter & 30cm length - inside the bin, lid closed)

What happens to your Organics?

Your garden organics is taken to a local processing facility at Kembla Grange and made into rich compost and soil improvers.

These items contaminate your organics and MUST NOT be placed in your Organics Bin:

  • Vegetable & Other Food Scraps
  • Garden Hose & Planting Pots
  • Treated Timber & Lattice
  • Plastic Bags & Bin Liners
  • Building Materials

If you put the wrong items into your Organics Bin, it may not be collected.

Need another Organics Bin?

Is your Organics Bin consistently full each fortnight? Property owners can arrange an additional 240 litre bin if one is not sufficient. Additional services are levied through your property rates system.

For applicable fees click here.

To request an additional Organics Bin, please click here.

Bins must be placed out before 6:00 a.m. on your collection day and removed from the kerbside on the day, after they have been serviced