Other Waste Service Providers

For a list of waste service providers that service the Wollongong Local Governemnt Area search the Yellow Pages for “Waste Reduction and Disposal Services’ in Wollongong.

Asbestos Disposal

Asbestos cannot be placed in your bins and is not accepted at the Wollongong Waste & Resource Recovery Park.

WorkCover Health and Safety Guidelines must be followed by all persons working with fibro products. For details contact WorkCover on 131 050 or visit workcover.nsw.gov.au

Please seek the advice of an approved contractor regarding the removal of asbestos. Contractors who are working with asbestos must be licensed with WorkCover. To verify that a contractor is approved, contact WorkCover’s Asbestos Demolition Hotline on 8260 5885.

Below are some useful links:

WorkCover NSW
Ph 13 10 50

Environment Protection Authority
Ph 13 15 55                

Ministry of Health                                                                

Safe Work Australia                                                                        

Asbestos Education Committee