Recycling and Waste Collection Services

Your recycling and waste collection services include:

Wollongong City Council offers the choice of an 80 litre, 120 litre or a 240 litre Waste to Landfill Bin to suit the needs of the resident. Your Recycling Bin is collected on alternate weeks on the same day as your Waste to Landfill Bin and FOGO Bin.

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  • Recycle 240 Litre Bin
  • FOGO 240 Litre Bin
  • Waste to Landfill 80 Litre, 120 Litre & 240 Litre Bins

To ensure your bins are emptied, follow these guidelines:

  • Place your bins on the kerbside before 6:00 a.m. on your collection day
  • Make sure your bins are presented at least 30cm apart for collection
  • Do not overfill your bins. The lid must close properly
  • Ensure your bins do not weigh more than 80kgs each
  • Place your bins on the kerbside (not the gutter or road) with the opening (WCC logo side) facing the road
  • Ensure there are no cars, trees or overhead wires blocking access to your bins
  • Don’t park your car in turning areas on collection days to ensure the trucks can turn safely
  • Remove your bins from the kerbside on the day, after they have been serviced
  • When you move premises, bins must remain with the property. Do not take them to your new premises