School & Community Education Programs

Visiting You Is Important To Us! Your Waste. Your Future.

The Remondis Harbour Cities Education Officers are able to visit you at your school. We are also available to present to interested community groups.

REMONDIS Harbour Cities has the following Education Programs available:

Sort it out

This program is an introduction to Wollongong City Council’s three bin collection services.  

  • Explores what can and cannot go into the Recycling (yellow lid), Organics (green lid) and Residual Waste (red lid) bins through interactive play.​

Don't be a Litter Bug

This program looks at what a bit of litter can do and how it can impact our world.

  • Explores how we should dispose of our waste to help animal and human life.
  • Linked to the Australian Curriculum 

Yellow, Green, Red - Are they in your Head?

This program looks at the three bin systems and how we can reduce our impact of landfill through correct use of the bins.

  • Hands-on activities for students to be fully immersed in the topic, including the opportunity to conduct a bin audit.
  • Aligns with the Australian Curriculum linking with Science, Mathematics and English.

Recycle Right

This program is an introduction to Wollongong City Council’s three bin collection services.

  • Explores what can and cannot go into your Residual (red lid), Organics (green lid) and Recycling (yellow lid) bins through interactive games; 
  • Discussing what happens to your recycling and waste once the collection vehicle transports it from your home; and
  • Discovering why it is important to dispose of waste correctly and how we can minimise residual waste

If you would like the Harbour Cities team to visit you and deliver one of the programs or workshops listed above or to have an Education Workshop especially tailored to your community needs, click on the e-mail address below and send a message to your local Education Officer. You will be contacted to negotiate a time and program that specifically suits your needs. Contact your Remondis Harbour Cities Education Officer on 1300 362 360 or via