Additional Bins

Residents with excessive waste material and who already have a 240L Residual Waste Bin can apply for an additional Residual Waste Bin in sizes ranging from 80L-240L. Wollongong City Council also provides additional Recycling and FOGO Bins.

  • Additional Recycling 240 Litre
  • Additional FOGO 240 Litre
  • Additional Waste to Landfill 80 Litre
  • Additional Waste to Landfill 120 Litre
  • Additional Waste to Landfill 240 Litre
  • Additional Full Service (80L, 120L or 240L Waste to Landfill, 240L Recycling and 240L Organics)

Click here for applicable Waste Collection Fees & Charges.
Only property owners can request or cancel additional bins. If you rent the premises, you will need to contact the managing agent or the property owner to discuss these changes. For each additional bin requested charges are added to your annual waste levy as part of your Council Rates.

Note: Your existing Waste to Landfill Bin must be 240 litre before you can request an additional Waste to Landfill Bin (of any size). A maximum of 2 additional bin types is permissable per property. Commercial / Non-Domestic properties are not entitled to additional bins.

To request an additional bin click here
Alternatively, if you have one of the smaller Waste to Landfill Bins, you can Resize to a 120litre or 240 litre bin.