How do I book my Household Cleanup?

Before placing any items out for collection, you must book your service with the REMONDIS Harbour Cities Team. On-Call Household Cleanups occur on the same day as your regular Bin Collection day.

Bookings must be made at least two (2) full business days in advance. For example, to make a booking for a Thursday collection you must book by the previous Monday or the collection will occur the following week. To book your On-Call Household Cleanup online click here. Alternatively call the REMONDIS Harbour Cities Team on 1300 362 360.

Can I cancel my Household Cleanup?

Booked Collections CANNOT be cancelled.

Please note, if you are changing the items initially listed for collection, for example now presenting a mattress that was not advised at the time of booking, please call the Harbour Cities Team on 1300 362 360 at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled Collection Day.

How do I place items out for my Household Cleanup?

If you live in a house – items must be placed between the gutter and footpath in front of your premises.

If you live in a unit complex (greater than 8 dwellings) - your Body Corporate, Strata Manager or Department of Housing NSW Officer will liaise with all tenants regarding the most suitable collection point.

Ensure there is at least 1 metre of space between your Household Cleanup items and your Bins placed out for collection and there are no cars, trees or obstacles blocking access to your collection items.

Cleanup materials must be

  • Tied, wrapped or boxed
  • Placed between gutter and footpath in front of your premises
  • Placed neatly to ensure the Harbour Cities Waste Team can safely access and handle your items
  • Placed so they won’t fall on the roadway or footpath.

Mattresses, eWaste (Televisions, Computers, Computer peripherals) Tyres and small scrap metal items must be placed separately (to the Cleanup waste items) as these are collected by a different vehicle and sent for recycling.

For more information on Household Cleanups visit the On-Call Household Cleanup Service page.

How often can I book a Household Cleanup?

Households are entitled to two (2) On-Call Household Cleanup services each Financial Year (July – June). If both allocated services are not used within the Financial Year, they do NOT carry over to the next year.

What items can I place in my Household Cleanup?

For a comprehensive list of what can and cannot be placed in your Household Cleanup please visit our On-Call Household Cleanup Service page.

General Household items must be piled neatly, with small items in unwanted boxes or bags on the kerbside and not exceeding 2m3.

Items for recycling must be placed in a separate pile next to your General Household Cleanup Waste, these items will be collected by a separate vehicle.

Items that cannot be collected become the responsibility of the resident to dispose of correctly at a licensed waste management facility. Visit our Recycling and Disposal of Problem Wastes page for a range of facilities and services that may be able to assist. 

Some items placed out for my Household Cleanup were left behind. Why?

Some items are not suitable for the On-Call Household Cleanup Service. Items that are not accepted include panes of glass, hazardous goods, asbestos, chemicals, paints or liquids, building materials including bricks, tiles and concrete, tyres, food waste or household garbage. For a detailed list of what can and cannot be put in your Household Cleanup and for disposal solutions of some waste items visit our On-Call Household Cleanup Service page.

Do I have to wash recyclables before I put them into the Recycling (Yellow Lid) Bin?

Recyclable containers such as jars, bottles and cans need to be empty, but do not need to be washed. Make sure they do not contain any liquid or food by tipping out any excess liquid and scraping out food remains before placing them into the recycling bin.

If you prefer to wash your recyclables – try using old dishwashing water instead of fresh water.

There’s no need to peel labels off containers, as they’re removed during the recycling process anyway.

Are the lids from my bottles recyclable?

If the lid is the same material as the bottle then leave it on the bottle and recycle.  If the lid is a different material remove it.  Individual lids are too small to recycle individually,  You can accumulate a number of lids and place into a container of the same material to recycle.  For example place beer bottle lids in a tin can and press sides together to seal before recycling.

Does my bin need to be empty for it to be repaired or replaced?

No, your bin does not need to be empty to be repaired or replaced. Once your booking is made, please ensure your bin is placed on the kerbside immediately for the REMONDIS Harbour Cities Team to complete your request.

Why wasn’t my bin collected?

There could be a number of reasons why your bin was not collected. Please refer to our Missed Service page for possible reasons.

Check to see if a service sticker has been placed on the lid of your bin as this sticker may provide information as to why your bin was not emptied. The sticker also provides instructions on how to rectify the problem in order to have your bin collected.

If there is no sticker on your bin advising why your bin was not collected, it may have been missed. If your bin has been missed you must advise us within 24-48 hours online here or by contacting the REMONDIS Harbour Cities Team on 1300 362 360. Once reported, your bin will generally be collected within 2 working days of receiving your request.

What happens if my bin is damaged, stolen or burnt?

If your bin is damaged and needs repairing, or is stolen, vandalised or burnt and needs replacing, notify the REMONDIS Harbour Cities team on 1300 362 360 or arrange your bin repair or replacement online here. There is no charge for repairs or bin replacements and will generally occur within 3-5 working days after the REMONDIS Harbour Cities team receives your request.

Once booked, please place your damaged bin on the kerbside in a visible location where the REMONDIS Harbour Cities team have easy access to it. These bins are recycled into new product. 

Please be aware you may be required to provide a statutory declaration when reporting a stolen bin.
For more information please visit our Repair My Bin page.

How do I know what size bin I have?

To check the size of your bin, lift the lid and look on the rim of your bin. You should be able to find the size embossed into the plastic. The Recycling (yellow) and FOGO (green) bins are 240L, while the Waste to Landfill (red lid) bin has three size options; 80L, 120L or 240L.
A trick to check your bin size - 80L bins have wing-shaped handles, while 120L and 240L lids have rectangular-shaped handles.

The dimension of the bins are as follows:

80L     430mm x 440mm (outer rim under lid) x 785mm (height)

120L   480mm x 480mm (outer rim under lid) x 870mm (height)

240L   660mm x 585mm (outer rim under lid) x 990mm (height)

Can I have additional bins or a larger bin?

Wollongong City Council offers residents the choice of an 80 litre, a 120 litre or 240 litre Waste to Landfill Bin as part of the residential waste service.

Residents with excessive waste material and who already have a 240L Waste to Landfil Bin can apply for an additional Waste to Landfil Bin. Additional Recycling and FOGO Bins can also be provided.

If you choose to increase the size of your Waste to Landfil Bin a changeover fee applies, as well as an increase to your annual waste levy. There is, however, no changeover fee to reduce the size of your Waste to Landfil Bin.

Only property owners can request a change or cancel additional bins. If you rent the premises, you'll need to contact the managing agent or the owner to discuss a resize or addition.

For more information visit our Resize my Waste to Landfill Bin or Additional Bins page.

What happens to my collection if I move to another address?

Please do not take your bins with you when you move to another property. The bins belong to the rateable address. If you move to a pre-owned property, bins should already be on site. If there are no bins on-site please contact The REMONDIS Harbour Cities team 1300 362 360.

If you are moving into a newly-built home you will need to organise a waste service for the property. An Occupation Certificate must be lodged with Wollongong City Council before bins will be issued for the new property. Bins cannot be delivered to a vacant house.

To organise a waste service online in the Wollongong Local Government Area (LGA) the owner or managing agent of the property can click here or contact the Harbour Cities team.

What happens to the collection services on Public Holidays?

If your bin service falls on a Public Holiday, please place your bin at the kerbside the evening before your collection day. All our services remain the same though our drivers may be earlier than usual. This applies for all Public Holidays except Christmas Day, where the bins will be serviced the two (2) days following.

Can I recycle this?

Not sure if you can place an item in the Recycling (yellow lid) bin? Check out our Recycling Guide or email us to find the answer.